Brooklyn-based indie rock trio Birds With Fleas has been obsessed with developing their sound year after year, trying to distill it to the essential. The process has brought them through the genres of folk, rock, pop, and anything in between. Five years in, they are on to their third record which promises only to be an honest continuation of that process.

Driven by singer/guitarist/keyboardist Matt Siegel, drummer Tom Pillar, and singer/guitarist Spencer Karges, the band’s live show combines electronic sampling, live looping, guitars, and drums to turn three people into a full on assembly of sound.



Higher-register vocals float over a comforting mélange of pop and rock sounds that drift dreamily by—a testament to their ability to make the familiar feel distinct. Guitars sprint alongside a shuffling drumbeat that creates a casual momentum, never wavering and gladly carrying you along in its welcoming arms. If more of this is what we’re to expect when “Wider Sea” comes out, Birds With Fleas will have once again proven their pop meddle and given us something to gleefully obsess over.
— Joshua Pickard,
Another Friday means another submission of the week! On this addition, we turn our sights toward Birds With Fleas, a rockin quartet out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. ‘Flat Circles’ is the band’s new single, a grooving and spacious tune with dreamy vocals and an easy going tempo that will have you singing along to it in no time.
— Site of Sound
Regardless of your opinion of the band’s name, Birds With Fleas is at this time one of the tightest and most potent stage acts on the local Chattanooga, TN music roster.
— Robin Merrit, Art Front
Two years after their founding, the members of the Chattanooga-based indie folk outfit say they realized in 2014 that they needed to change their approach to reflect the group’s evolution from lead singer Matt Siegel’s solo recording project into a full live ensemble.
— Casey Phillips, Chattanooga Now

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